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Change As Your Constant

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Imagine your organization as more effective, and better at envisioning, creating, leading, implementing and managing change and innovation than your competitors.

Even change has changed. Change is no longer the bridge between what was and what will be — it is the roadway. Embracing change as your constant is a pathway to competitive advantage. Building a bias for change into your culture, as a natural way of working, is a key to sustained advantage.

The Business of Change
A study of 130 successful transformations (large-scale change implementations) found the central issue impacting effective change efforts was not strategy, structure, culture or systems. While all these elements and others are important (and are) the core of the matter is always about changing the behavior of people.

Behavioral change happens in highly successful situations where people's feelings are addressed, their emotions are influenced, and "business as usual" is challenged.

Effectively managing transition and transformation establishes a critical capability that positions a rare few organizations to not only have a competitive advantage but to sustain this advantage and apply it repeatedly with growing success and confidence.

At KL Martzall we take the mystery out of "How People Change Their Organizations."

So How Do You Do This?

Imagine your organization for a change. Ready for the journey?