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Learning and Performance Through Insight - Application - Mastery

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Most expect participants to apply what they "learned" after attending a training session or seminar. However, it becomes difficult if not impossible to do so when an organization does not support and reinforce the training. Leadership must be prepared to implement change aligned with the learning that was completed. If they have not set up a system to reinforce the behaviors being taught, they have wasted time, energy and financial resources.

Insight-Application-Mastery™ provides the
accountability for both learner and organization to assure that changes are practiced on the job. People proceed from Insight (initial learning and awareness), through Application (on-the-job use of what was learned), to Mastery (competence and excellence).

Working in partnership with an organization, we define the training and expected results. Participants are involved based on those definitions (Insight), with the expectation that they will apply what they have learned on the job and within the organization (Application). This is a time where leaders coach learners and reinforce specific skills. After the practical experience of working through actual job situations, learners are positioned to master the specific skill being taught (Mastery).

Typically, leadership sends people to training and expects them to apply the skills they have learned even though the organization (work process and technology) is not designed to align with those (new) behaviors. People require the opportunity to practice what they have learned, and organizations are required to reinforce learning through actual work experiences, with coaching on the job linked with application.

The Insight-Application-Mastery model
enhances the success of learning by creating accountabilty for leaders and learners to work together to design training based on behavior and to measure it for success. It is imperative that the training will be applicable at the work site. With focused reinforcement, the trainer and supervisor gain in understanding and complement each other's skills and abilities — creating capability.

When considering training and learning for performance change, answer:

Learning is essential for all of us. For optimum success, consider the Insight-Application-Mastery™ model in designing specific training programs that focus on and achieve improved performance by building behavior-based knowledge and skills that results in capability.