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Kirby Martzall, President, KL Martzall, is a featured guest on the "Best Consultants in America" radio program airing September through November, 2005. This unique radio program recognizes America’s top professional speakers, consultants and authors for their ability to inspire, inform and engage executives to take action and help companies and organizations increase productivity, teamwork, communications and deliver on strategic goals.

According to Cody Beaumaster, Producer, Sky Radio Network, Inc:

"The show is broadcast worldwide on flights for US Airways, Delta, United, American, Northwest Airlines and is rebroadcast on SkyRadioNet as part of the featured guest archive. We are pleased that Kirby is sharing his invaluable advice with our distinguished panel on this worldwide broadcast. Kirby’s interview has been selected to remain in our year-long archive providing extended resource through 2006 to our executive and leadership audience.  In so doing, Kirby Martzall joins President Jimmy Carter, Steve Forbes, Cathleen Black, Michael Dell, Scott Adams, Donald Trump, Madeleine Albright, and other selected leaders and executives in our Interview Catalogue."

KL Martzall President, Kirby Martzall, featured guest on the "Best Consultants in America" radio program.