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Kirby Martzall, Chair in South Central PA with The Executive Committee received the "Rookie of the Year" Award 2005 at TEC International Conference held in Washington DC. The Executive Committee awarded this distinction to only 9 Chairs in the world for 2005. TEC is headquartered in San Diego, CA, and with over 12,500 CEO members and around 500 Chairs globally is the world’s leading executive development organization.

To be eligible, a new Chair has to start a CEO group and maintain a consistent membership of 12 members for a minimum of 12 months and receive exceptional member satisfaction results through third party evaluation. Kirby received the 2005 Award as a result of starting and building 2 CEO groups and 1 Key Executive Group with membership exceeding minimum requirements and exceptional satisfaction result ratings. Within less than 2 years as a Chair he ranks among the top 50 chairs in the US. 


The Executive Committee has 12 groups in South Central PA lead by fellow Chairs Rick Oppenheimer, William Law and Kae Wagner, in addition to Kirby Martzall.      Rick Oppenheimer, with over 10 years as a Chair, received the Chair Excellence Award 2005 as part of a group of about 50 Chairs in the US recognized for their performance. TEC members in South Central PA are from Lancaster, York, Lebanon, Berks Counties and the Hershey/Harrisburg area. CEO’s are invited to join The Executive Committee and qualify for membership through a rigorous candidate selection process. Currently about 7.5% of the eligible CEO’s in the South Central PA area are active members in TEC.

Along with his role as Chair with The Executive Committee, Kirby Martzall is President of KL Martzall a strategic services and executive performance firm headquartered in Lancaster, PA serving clients nationally and in the regional, local markets.  


Kirby Martzall, Chair with The Executive Committee (now Vistage) receives "Rookie of the Year" Award 2005 at the TEC International Conference.