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Re-Envision a National Industry —
One Trade Association's Challenge

Bring together executives and owners from across the US representing four key functions within the industry — manufacturing, independent retail, sales reps/brokerage, trade shows. Conduct a three-day strategic session with advance surveying and assessment where people in naturally "competing" functions will discuss, problem-solve and explore the best ways to: fill current industry gaps, streamline the interactive/trade show process, enhance representation, improve the survival of independent retailers, and directly position manufacturers — in short, re-envision the industry and how it functions.

Critical Outcomes:

The feedback, insight and innovative ideas from this group of 25 people resulted in a "white paper" presentation at the national convention focused on the compelling reason why to, and how to, re-envision the industry. The result of the convention and sessions is the creation of a strategic vision and action plan rollout under trade association and industry leadership that is putting to work the insight and recommendations from this strategic group and process. Over the next five years, this industry will be redefined and reborn.