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Continuous Improvement Driven at the Process Level

Design and implement an approach to drive and sustain organization-wide continuous improvement as a way of working. Selected processes are identified for "study, and where appropriate, improvement." Internal staff is positioned as "project leaders" of process teams focused on specific processes. Training sessions are conducted for project leaders and project members based on the implementation of a six-step Process Improvement Cycle that links with the ongoing Continuous Improvement Cycle created by E. Deming.

Critical Outcomes:

After six years this organization has involved — 80% of the workforce through active participation in process improvement projects (commonly launched every 6-12 months annually), established an enterprise-wide online system where processes are documented, improvement is tracked and the workforce has full access to key processes. The entire process is given oversight by the Continuous Improvement Council representing the entire spectrum and multi-levels of the organization, consisting of management and non-management members. Continuous improvement and learning are clearly integral as this organization's Way of Working — based on one of the KL Martzall VitalFactors. (We refer to it as WOW.)