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Market Expansion, Product Expansion — And Along the Way, Culture Changed.

Engage and continually conduct a strategic process that moves the organization from a product focus to a brand identity while expanding the geographical market from local to regional, continue revenue and profitability increase and establish this brand as the Number One or Two brand in each category for each market. The scope of this relationship is to design the strategic process, link to annual focus, strategy and action plan implementation and conduct yearly strategic sessions focused on strategic thinking, capability building, brand building, new product development — keeping the interaction fresh, the alignment current and the process relevant to a dynamic, highly competitive market and industry.

Critical Outcomes:

Over the past ten years this organization has tripled in size (revenue and production capacity), doubled the workforce, expanded from a two-state span to the East Coast from Maine to Florida, holds the Number One or Two market position in frozen and fluid product categories. Its brand is recognized regionally as wholesome, quality, value and a sign of excellence. While sustaining annual growth and driving sales, they have been profitable 8 of the past ten years and are a consistent profit leader across corporate divisions. They are currently planning another significant growth strategy with profitability intact. And have been cited by the state for their leadership in building workforce capability.