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Three Trades/Three Markets — One Building Industry Contractor

Establish a strategic plan and implementation calling for the organization to double in revenue and profit performance over three years, create a strategic thinking process for the organization, building the leadership capability of an executive team all under 40 and diversify the service offerings to reduce volatility common to the building industry. Strategic process was designed, implemented and resulted in a rollout that exceeded goals. Three years later we are ready to craft a new three year strategic plan and implementation.

Critical Outcomes:

Over the past three years this organization moved from 80% residential work to an improved balance of 50% residential, 30% commercial, 20% service and retrofit (significantly reducing volatility), doubled revenues, increased workforce by 50% and maintained profitability and profit growth. Created an executive leadership team of C positions (creating CEO, President and CFO positions). Focused leadership in technology, HR and each of three business units and opened a second geographical operations base to improve service and response to the expanded service area.