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The PREP Profile System & PSP
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The KL Martzall Center for Assessment and Insight presents the PREP Profile System — an integrated system of easy-to-use, fully validated tools, surveys and programs designed to assist leaders and those they work with to understand their strengths and areas of improvement. This system is a central resource for building capability. It assists organizations to improve leadership, accelerate effective communication and interaction, manage processes more effectively, accelerate and deepen learning, resolve current problems and build stronger teams for collective performance.

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For the individual performer:
Use the PSP to reveal insight and understanding central to leadership and management capability building, decision-making and communication/interaction. PSP is the only assessment tool that measures your long and short-term stress level and energy reserve (aligned with your level of expectations) thereby allowing you to manage your situation and performance for optimum effectiveness, resilience and satisfaction.

For leadership or other teams/groups:
Use of the PSP assessment has become essential to executives who want to put the right people into the right position, provide employees with effective learning and development, help their key reports and other managers to become more effective, and promote people into positions where they will succeed. An excellent resource in building project, process, research or other collective teams or groups where the ability for people to work and interact effectively together has vital implications to outcomes and achievement.

For the organization:
Use of the PSP assessment has resulted in extraordinary increases in productivity while reducing employee relation's and interaction problems, employee turnover, stress, tension, conflict and overall human resources expenses. Increasingly, the PSP is becoming an integral part of the selection, capability building and succession processes. Effective and timely use of the PSP accelerates performance and reduces time until results.